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Michael Cleary
Michael Cleary
09:21 28 Jul 21
Excellent 1st class service. Kenneth kept me informed of everything needed so I could decide weather I wanted work done or not. Car driving perfect.
Edward Byrne
Edward Byrne
18:04 08 Feb 21
Excellent business, top class service, very informative, and well priced. I would recommend to all.
Ciaran Mc Cormack
Ciaran Mc Cormack
23:40 05 Feb 21
Today I have just bought a a beautiful Mercedes from James at James Hennessy Motors. James delivered the car to my house. I'm 60 years old and why I have not found this dealer sooner
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
21:22 24 Nov 20
Professional friendlygood value1st class all roundWould recommend toFamily and friends
Raggyboy Raggyboy
Raggyboy Raggyboy
17:35 10 Aug 20
I was a customer at James Hennessy motors and bought a used Mercedes from James, he was an absolute gent of a man to deal with, who insisted on the car been in perfect working order before letting me have it, he was easy to deal with and made sure I was happy with my car, which I am. The Price was right and the car runs perfect, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone looking for a good quality car with a good fair price tag.